Front desk and courier services

In business we are dealing with the most important are creativity, innovation and a clear vision

A very important and responsible segment of our service is to work courier. All mail, packages, and phone requests to be distributed within the set deadlines, confidential, reliable and safe thanks to the organization and functioning of these services.

We know that the front desk is extremely important for the company's image because it represents the first contact with your business partner or client and gives the first impression of the organization.

That's why we try to make this service remains at a high level, which primarily means that operators engaged respect the rules of good business communication and have a high level of organization and awareness, a continuous development and improvement of their skills and knowledge we maintain the high quality of these services for their clients.


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Service Call Center is available 24/7
with the duty janitor for emergency.

   Veljka Dugosevica 36, Belgrade
   0800 400 700, 063 274 150

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