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In business we are dealing with the most important are creativity, innovation and a clear vision

We are aware of how important is to our customers quick and efficient response and solution of the reported problems, and we have paid special attention to just this area of work.

Facilities monitoring and management is performed from the control /dispatch center, which is located in Belgrade, equipped with excellent technique and technology. Technical system, with the hour surveillance operators covered by each segment of each object. Login failures, as well as monitoring the implementation of the assessment services over the ticketing software, may be done by phone, email, website, SMS, or Facebook. Services call center available 24/7, with the janitor on duty for emergency response.

We have invested in the most contemporary software application and troubleshooting, ERP software, telecommunications infrastructure and our every janitor used smartphone with android application for failures. Everything is connected in control and dispatch center, where it monitors the GPS locations and in the distribution of tasks in real time in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service and rapid and effective response of our teams service personnel to be in the fastest possible time to act on a fault and resolve issue.

Services related to:

  • Control services dispatch center
  • GPS satellite tracking


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Service Call Center is available 24/7
with the duty janitor for emergency.

   Veljka Dugosevica 36, Belgrade
   0800 400 700, 063 274 150

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