Department of technical maintenance facility

In business we are dealing with the most important are creativity, innovation and a clear vision

DOMAR provides professional service maintenance facilities, offices of all types and applications, as well as green areas. We have the most modern tools and machines, that meet the requirements of quality and environmental protection, with TUV certified quality, which is essential in maintaining quality facilities.

In our business practices we use modern software application failures (software ticketing) and assett managment, we provide high-quality assett repair history in order to operate preventively, thus reducing maintenance costs by up to 30%.

Login failures, as well as monitoring the implementation of the assessment services over the ticketing software, may be done by phone, email, website, SMS, or Facebook. Call center is available 24/7, with emergency team.

The activities of technical maintenance facilities we mean:

  • Technical maintenance of facilities
  • Installation of technical security systems
  • Maintenance of IT equipment and systems
  • Electrical, water and sewage installations
  • HVAC Services
  • Locksmith Services
  • Painting Services


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Service Call Center is available 24/7
with the duty janitor for emergency.

   Veljka Dugosevica 36, Belgrade
   0800 400 700, 063 274 150

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