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In business we are dealing with the most important are creativity, innovation and a clear vision

Domar is specilazied outsourcing company for technical and facility maintence. We provide courier, dispatch and facility services and other outsource services as well.

Our main goal is to establish long-term relationship with our clients, hence, they can focus our their core business with cost saving solutions. We are located in Serbia and at the moment we are also operating in BiH and Montenegro. We want to expand our services all over Europe and US.

Stable organisational structure is develop by experience and quality demanded clients, and on another side, our focus is on inovations as a key generator for empowering the business.

Od samog početka, Domar Services postavlja nove standarde u upravljanju i održavanju objekata pružanjem kvalitetnih usluga i stalnim inovacijama u oblasti usluga koje pruža, posebno uvođenjem kontrolnog dispečerskog centra i ticketing softver-a kojim se prati rad cele naše flote i efikasno upravlja mrežom saradnika na terenu, što je su znatno uticalo na uvećanje efikasnost i efektivnost vršenja naših usluga, na bolju efikasnost i ekonomičnost u radu naših klijenata i sprečavanje mogućih odlaganja i gubitaka u radu, štedeći pritom vreme i novac.

Iskustvo u ovom poslu, širenje delokruga rada na ostale zemlje, stalno uvođenje inovacija koje prate svetske trendove u oblasti FM, stručan i iskusan menadžment i profesionalno obučeni kadrovi i zaposleni, kao i prepoznatljiv način rada sa dugogodišnjim klijentima koje uključuju veoma uspešne vodeće firme u najrazličitijim oblastima poslovanja, uticalo je na izgradnju našeg uspeha, pa danas opravdano, i sa ponosnom možemo reći da smo jedna od najkvalitetnijih preduzeća u oblasti facility managementa na ovim prostorima.

In our business there are 3 KPA = creativity, inovation and clear vision. We expect that in the near future more than 50% of today services will be over, so we want to develope and create new business.

Our vision is to make business even better, more eficient, high quality , together with our clients. Our mision is to provide tailer made outsource solutions.

Why Domar?

Professionalism and efficiency, as well as the ease with which we perform daily outsource jobs, make us almost "invisible" to our customers, although the results of diligent and dedicated work measurable and "visible".

Significant reduction and forecasting of costs and optimization of the work that clients achieve the engagement of our team, which is one of the main goals of any successful company. This is achieved by expert guidance outsource jobs, but also the introduction of a variety of technical services that have shown great success in minimizing the cost of our customers.

Creativity and innovation driven by steady development of our company, which is the mainstay of the business. This inevitably leads to long-term savings of time and money of our clients.

Satisfied customers - Long-term retention of our clients and their recognition of the quality of service we provide represent the cornerstone of not only a decade of existence of our company in the market, but also constant innovation inspired by precisely the cooperation with our customers.

Integrating IT sector plays an important, even crucial role in providing the best possible services, labor and business contracts. Our IT team is still hard at work-introduction of more effective and modern technology in order to facilitate operations and save money.

The professionalism of our staff - Expertise and experience of our management team in this segment of work and professionally trained staff, make every job that requires a client coming to an end at the time, what better and better. Our employees are a special value Domar's, working as integrated members of our client companies, as part of a team spirit.

Continuous development in all areas of work - constantly strive to improve the quality of services through innovation, professional development, adapting to customers and expanding areas of work.
Through continuous revision always see where we are now and where we can be.

We understand and adapt to customers - when entering into a new business relationship, we work hard to fully understand the work you do, so we can better adapt to and comply with your way of working, because we want our people good care of your people, guests, clients and jobs - in order to concentrate all its forces in the work you do.

Code of Ethics - ensure compliance with health, safety at work and environmental protection, while respecting the principles of mutual respect of our clients, and complete openness in the work.


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